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bohe (fujian) electronic technology co., ltd. is a full of vitality of the enterprise, from the day of founding in 2009, to create a first-class brand, to provide quality services for human health as its own responsibility.the company is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of high-end health care massager products. the concept of "people-oriented" runs through the design of the products. the company tracks the latest scientific and technological achievements and promotes the perfect service system.  

bohe (fujian) electronic technology co., ltd. after 8 years of development, the company has reached cooperation alliance with many domestic high-quality purchasers, has its own independent website and perfect sales network system, has established its own sales platform on many well-known websites, such as alibaba.the company has participated in many domestic and foreign large-scale exhibitions every year, such as sports expo, canton fair, hong kong exhibition, malaysia exhibition, etc.the company has passed iso9001 international standard quality management system certification, ce certification, fujian province famous trademark, and has 5 utility model patents and 5 appearance patents, specializing in the production of high-end products in health care massage appliances, is a high-tech industrial enterprise in fuan city, fujian province science and technology order to better promote the brand image, po wo (fujian) electronics technology co., ltd., in line with "the cause of human health services" purposes and "quality good for first, the service start from the heart" service slogan, joining cctv advertising brand enterprise cooperation, promote self-care consumer awareness and provide a more perfect network service, gradually establish a modern enterprise management system and product quality inspection system.   

under the unremitting efforts of all the staff of the company, the scale of the enterprise has been expanding and has developed into one of the massage equipment manufacturers with the most perfect sales network in he kaiming, general manager of the company, was successively elected vice chairman of china leisure and health care industry alliance.vice chairman of leisure health care committee of china health care association;observer for the technical committee on national health service standards;chairman of fuan medical care equipment industry association.bohe (fujian) electronic technology co., ltd will continue to adhere to the "pursuit of excellence, customer service, quality first."the enterprise philosophy, through "wisdom to make the best products, provide the most beautiful service, achieve the best reputation", care for the health of customers, to create the first brand in the field of the same time, po wo (fujian) electronics technology co., ltd will be advanced technology, excellent quality and give competitive price, make us and our products distributor in future market competition in a favorable position, in order to promote and develop mindong health electrical appliances industry market, to make due contribution to the cause of china's health care.